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Gateway to Hollywood

This is the show that started it all!  Pictured are the two winners Lee Bonnell (Terry Belmont) and Josephine Cottle (Gale Storm). 


(from the Monday, January 8, 1940 issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

(This is an acetate of the December 31, 1939 broadcast.)





(photo courtesy of Jon Ramsey)


"George Fisher is so confused on the dedication day of the Associated Broadcasting Corporation's ABC Network when the network celebrated its full-time coast-to-coast operations that he mistakes Gale Storm for Dale Evans, Gale, Monogram star, chides Fisher, while Dale, Republic leading lady at right, puts hands on hips, disgusted with George."




It Happened on Fifth Avenue (Lux Radio Theater)


(click on the above pic to hear the broadcast)




If you click here, you will see a video of "Teenage Prayer" with Gale and Tony Pastor's Orchestra from the "Let's Go to Town" radio broadcast.  The images in the video are of Gale singing "Teenage Prayer", but I'm not certain of the location.




My Little Margie (on radio)






(pictured is a 16 inch transcription disc for the episode "Dad a Swinger."  Unfortunately, this disc is unplayable because the acetate coating has slipped from the aluminum base.)

(Pictured above:  Charles Farrell, Gil Stratton Jr. "Freddie", and Gale)

Here is a link from Time Magazine.








(above photos courtesy of Jon Ramsey)